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Our trading system is an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) trading bot that operates based on a combination of market making and smaller hedge positions.


There is not only one pool where the trading takes place for many reasons; you can think of security, oversight and the leveraging of many trading strategies.


You can view a live video showing some of the positions we are in along with executed orders under the supervision of our traders, analysts and risk management team.


In the cutting edge world of digital asset trading, the Wealth Groupe has developed state-of-the-art technology-driven solutions via AI (artificial intelligence)
so that your money is always trading with an edge.


We seek to maximize returns by trading the most volatile and liquid assets available- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. This, coupled with the edge our tech give us, is a match made in heaven.


The emerging digital asset class has not yet been fully regulated. The Wealth Groupe conducts KYC/AML checks for every new client coming on board for both our and your protection.


Our trading system involves various strategies, such as market making, a momentum strategy, arbitrage and more. The principal idea in the market making, for example, is to order liquidity on both sides of the order book (Buy/sell). By providing liquidity on both sides of the order book, we do not only counteract price action risk, but it also creates the opportunity to hold an active position until the price has retraced a sufficient amount for us to exit in profit. Thus, we don’t close any trade in losses.

Our system trades automatically 24/7, 365 days per year on some of the top exchanges out there as well as the most liquid crypto exchange in the world, BitMEX. The results over the past year have been extraordinary and is made possible due to the volatile nature of Bitcoin and the other digital assets we trade. In our case, a volatile market translates into opportunity and profitability.


The Wealth Groupe has secured the services of a trading bot that is a real machine, with real artificial intelligence (AI). It is piece of physical hardware, with hard wired intelligence and processing components that were custom built from the ground up. It does not rely on third party software, technologies or platforms which gives it the advantage of being 100% under the operators control. The platform is operated by a high-speed, proprietary trading rig capable of monitoring millions of transactions.

Our machine continually harvests a database of every trade made on exchanges such as BitMEX, the volume of the order book, the price action and the relationship between other large Bitcoin exchanges such as Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken as well as daily news primarily from the USA, South Korea and China. From all of this, our trading bot paints himself a picture of what is happening in relation to past events, in order to make a set of predictions that are way more detailed and built on way more evidence than we as a human, even with a lot of experience, could make.


An array, for example,, would be composed of 24 accounts, hedging 12 short and 12 long, each running a dynamically-adjusting profile that is affected by total array performance, market volume and historical price action. A market maker is exposed to price action risk if making a market in only one direction.

To ensure safe and comfortable risk margins, our trading system uses a complex analysis of current and historical market volumes, price action, volatility and exchange margin risk derived from a data flow from the top the top ten bitcoin exchanges. This data is then integrated into a collaborative hedge strategy that is placed across a multitude of accounts enabling us to accumulate Bitcoin via profitable trade and adding liquidity to the order book.


We offer our clients the ability to "stake" your bitcoin with our traders and grow that position over time.

Based on the amount of BTC committed, we work on a percentage of gains basis so we are also incentivized to earn on the project as well.

For us, the ideal client is one who has BTC parked for some time, and is committed to staying in the game long term- so in this case, the client will just grow their stack of bitcoin and assuming all goes as planned in the future, that BTC will be worth even more in terms of fiat currency as well.


Over the past 16 months we have downloadable, verified results on a spreadsheet from our clients accounts of a return of roughly 1.4% per Week. When you factor in compounding interest, over the course of one year that would result in around a 100% per Year (or 8.3% per month) return (in BTC) which is obviously incredible- especially if you’re just a “HODL’er” who is in the game for the long term anyhow and your bag grows by simply putting your bitcoin to work.

Our Historical

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