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Our trading system is an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) trading bot that operates based on a combination of market making and smaller hedge positions.


There is not only one asset-pool in which tradings take place. This is due to reasons of security, oversight and to benefit from different trading strategies.


A live video stream can be watched which shows trading in real-time.


Within the cutting-edge technologies of digital asset trading, WealthGroupe has developed its state-of-the-art solution through AI (Artificial Intelligence) which adapts strategies permanently to the market conditions.


WealthGroupe maximizes returns by trading the most liquid assets available like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).


For the protection of Investors and WealthGroupe, KYC* and AML** checks are implemented.

(*KYC or “Know Your Customer” is the process of verifying a customer’s identity. In KYC, each client is required to provide credentials such as ID documents in order to use a company’s service.)

(**AML or „Anti Money Laundering" practice is broader than KYC, and it refers to measures used by financial institutions and governments to prevent and combat financial crimes especially money laundering and terrorism financing.)


WealthGroupe's trading system involves various strategies, such as market making, a momentum strategy and more. The principal idea in the market making, for instance, is to order liquidity on both sides of the order book (buy/sell). By providing liquidity on both sides of the order book, not only is the price action risk counteracted but it also creates the opportunity to hold an active position until the price has retraced a sufficient amount to exit in profit. Thus, any trades are closed in loss. WealthGroupe's system trades automatically 24/7, 365 days per year at some of the top exchanges in the world such as the most liquid crypto exchange BitMEX. The results over the past year were remarkable and possible due to the market behaviour of Bitcoin and the diversification of digital assets traded. WealthGroupe translates a vivid market into opportunity and profitability.


WealthGroupe has developed and secured the service of a trading artificial intelligence (AI), called Albie, which is a unique piece of hardware with hard-wired processing components that were custom built from the ground up. It does not rely on third party softwares, technologies or platforms. This gives the advantage of being 100% under the operators control. The platform is operated by a high-speed proprietary trading gear, capable of monitoring millions of transactions. The artificial intelligence hardware continually collects a database of each trade, the volume of the order book, the price action and the ratio between large Bitcoin exchanges such as BitMEX, Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken and the daily news primarily from the USA, South Korea and China. Out of this, the trading hardware analyses and visualizes what is happening in relation to past events, in order to make a set of predictions. Consequently these predictions are based on way more detailed and informative factors than a human beeing, even with a vast experience, could achieve.


As an example, an array would be composed of 24 accounts, hedging 12 short and 12 long positions, each running a dynamically-adjusting profile that is affected by the total array performance, the market volume and the historical price actions. A market maker is exposed to price action risk if trading a market in one direction only. To ensure safe and comfortable risk margins, WealthGroupe's trading system uses a complex analysis of current and historical market volumes, price actions, volatility and exchange risk margin, derived from a data flow of the top ten bitcoin exchanges. This data is integrated into a collaborative hedge strategy that is placed across a variety of accounts enabling to accumulate Bitcoin through profitable trades and adding liquidity to the order book.


WealthGroupe offers to their clients the possibility to "stake" their Bitcoins with Albie (AI) and the traders in charge to increase their investment over time.

WealthGroupe works based on a performance fee incentive plan. Therefore WealthGroupe has a keen interest to constantly perform prosperously.


Over the past 16 months WealthGroupe has realized a solid return of roughly 1.4% per Week (click here for the verified spreadsheet). Without a Bitcoin Withdraw and the factor of compounded interest over the course of one year, the return could have resulted in approximately 100% per Year or 8.3% per month.

The Wealth Groupe Bitcoin Underwriting Program

We are pleased to announce the Wealth Groupe's underwriting program and the details in which you can participate!

Our underwriting program has the intended goal of guaranteeing your deposited Bitcoin (BTC) at a rate in fiat currency (specifically, EUR €) at the time of deposit. Due to the volatility in the Bitcoin price, we present this option to you as a means to Underwritten the value of any investments you make and feel this is an excellent hedge in the case a bear market was to hit Bitcoin.

Here's how our underwriting program works:

You deposited one Bitcoin (BTC) to your wallet on , and on that particular day, let's say the rate in EUR is €10.000 (ten thousand euro per Bitcoin).

You make the decision to have the value of your one Bitcoin (BTC) to be underwritten through our Underwritten program. What this will do, in effect, is lock in the value of your Bitcoin (BTC) at €10.000 for 12 months.

When it comes time for you to withdrawal that one BTC and the value is under €10.000, you have the option to choose to execute your option to take €10.000 instead of the one Bitcoin (BTC) that you deposited.

The price of this Underwritten is 4% of what you want to Underwritten, so in the above example, your cost of Underwritten your BTC to the value in fiat €EUR will be €400 (10.000 x .04). The fee is charged one month after your deposit meaning that your funds are allowed to trade in full for that period of time. After the term has ended, an additional 16% of the net profit in BTC will be charged. As an example, if you entered with one BTC and you made one BTC in profit, you will be charged 0.16 BTC.

Of course, the option for underwriting your Bitcoin is completely optional and is up to your personal risk tolerance.

Terms & Conditions:

Exercising on your underwriting will require a simple support request in your members area.

Underwritten deposits will be covered within 30 days of support request approval.

Buying underwriting naturally does not guarantee you against any possible trading losses of any deposited Bitcoin (BTC).

2020 Returns


(Updated September 13th, 2021)

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W45: 2.2%
W49: 1.14%
W46: 1.94%
W50: 2.14%
W47: 2.04%
W51: 2.78%
W44: 2.8%
W48: 1.27%
W52: 1.85%


W1: 1.2%
W6: 1.77%
W10: 1.97%
W14: 1.1%
W19: 1.48%
W23: 1.81%
W27: 1.21%
W32: 1.64%
W36: 1.62%
W41: 1.05%
W45: 1.25%
W49: 1.68%
W2: 1.4%
W7: 1.62%
W11: 1.14%
W15: 0.98%
W20: 1.72%
W24: 1.6%
W28: 1.62%
W33: 1.47%
W37: 1.41%
W42: 1.02%
W46: 1.11%
W50: 1.91%
W3: 1.54%
W8: 1.47%
W12: 1.71%
W16: 1.1%
W21: 1.4%
W25: 1.73%
W29: 1.73%
W34: 1.58%
W38: 1.4%
W43: 1.38%
W47: 1.03%
W51: 1.05%
W4: 1.71%
W9: 1.37%
W13: 0.97%
W17: 1.09%
W22: 1.13%
W26: 1.54%
W30: 1.86%
W35: 2.02%
W39: 0.47%
W44: 1.37%
W48: 1.02%
W52: 1.26%
W5: 1.92%
W18: 1.06%
W31: 1.84%
W40: 0.87%


Legacy W1: 1.11%
Hybrid W1: 1.68%
Legacy W6: 1.1%
Hybrid W6: 1.56%
Legacy W10: 1.08%
Hybrid W10: 1.48%
Legacy W15: 1.01%
Hybrid W15: 1.41%
Legacy W19: 0.96%
Hybrid W19: 1.33%
Legacy W23: 0.97%
Hybrid W23: 1.22%
Legacy W28: 0.85%
Hybrid W28: 1.1%
Legacy W32: 0.19%
Hybrid W32: 0.31%
Legacy W2: 1.12%
Hybrid W2: 1.55%
Legacy W7: 1.04%
Hybrid W7: 1.6%
Legacy W11: 0.97%
Hybrid W11: 1.44%
Legacy W16: 1%
Hybrid W16: 1.21%
Legacy W20: 0.9%
Hybrid W20: 1.26%
Legacy W24: 0.98%
Hybrid W24: 1.25%
Legacy W29: 0.75%
Hybrid W29: 1%
Legacy W33: 0.21%
Hybrid W33: 0.42%
Legacy W3: 1.08%
Hybrid W3: 1.58%
Legacy W8: 1.23%
Hybrid W8: 1.66%
Legacy W12: 0.98%
Hybrid W12: 1.41%
Legacy W17: 1%
Hybrid W17: 1.22%
Legacy W21: 1.02%
Hybrid W21: 1.4%
Legacy W25: 1.01%
Hybrid W25: 1.28%
Legacy W30: 0.2%
Hybrid W30: 0.9%
Legacy W34: 0.2%
Hybrid W34: 0.47%
Legacy W4: 1.05%
Hybrid W4: 1.55%
Legacy W9: 1.18%
Hybrid W9: 1.56%
Legacy W13: 1.05%
Hybrid W13: 1.58%
Legacy W18: 0.98%
Hybrid W18: 1.35%
Legacy W22: 0.95%
Hybrid W22: 1.2%
Legacy W26: 0.96%
Hybrid W26: 1.23%
Legacy W31: 0.18%
Hybrid W31: 0.29%
Legacy W35: 0.22%
Hybrid W35: 0.51%
Legacy W5: 1.05%
Hybrid W5: 1.71%
Legacy W14: 1.07%
Hybrid W14: 1.46%
Legacy W27: 0.99%
Hybrid W27: 1.26%
Legacy W36: 0.45%
Hybrid W36: 0.76%

*This is no guarantee or promise on future performance.
**No compounded interest was calculated into that profit. 

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