About Us

Wealth Groupe is a private Maltese asset management company founded in 2019. It’s operated in a close joint venture with Stratevic Finance Group AB, a Swedish public company listed on the main board of the Frankfurt stock exchange since 2014. The company carries a European E-Money license as well as a cryptocurrency exchange license.

Although relatively new, we have already established an exceptional client service based organization that has hand crafted several wealth management programs for our clients.

Our goal is to identify, test and scale financial products that provide consistent yet relatively high returns for our clients. Currently we operate predominantly in the emerging field of digital assets but have also several products in traditional markets such as FX or energy trading, where we feel we've found an edge on the market. We first test these products with our in house funds, prove the model works and can scale, and then finally offer access to the same

We leverage AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) in all of our products along with, in some cases, special API's which give us an edge over the majority of traders in the same market.

The software platform we've developed not only will keep you updated on our results and report to you on a weekly basis, it will also provide you with your digital wallet (payments in and out) and provide "front row" access to our strategies and how we're leveraging our technology to stack the odds in our favor.


Henrik Österberg

Combining a strong background in internet technology with operations Henrik had transitioned into blockchain technology and fintech. A Swedish national, Henrik has managed critical level operations for larger players in the mobile phone industry in Scandinavia.


Graham Cull

Graham Cull spent 31 years employed in the police as a detective involved in all forms of criminal investigation, including money laundering and company and individual fraud. Ten years of that service was spent in counter-terrorist investigation. Following public service, he has been on the board of a variety of companies both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Graham is currently on the board of a Swedish not-for-profit organization (ISSS), involved in Europe-wide projects, including solar energy, the provision of ethically and environmentally secure “tiny house” manufacture and education and training for refugee migrants, enabling their effective integration in the community. He is also a governor of two schools in the UK. In order to be able to devote more time to this company, he has just resigned from his appointment to Hampshire County Council’s Children's’ Safeguarding Board.

Graham has been married for 45 years and has a large extended family consisting of three daughters, each happily settled with children of their own.